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Beta Ionone Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma in the opening is full of parma violet candy nuances and this leads onto a heart of chalky, dry woody, cold sweet floral and fruity character. The base notes are again parma violet candies, orris floral, dry cedar woody, powdery, with somewhat foody nuances and a very pleasant play-doh vanilla sweet character.

The aroma lasts for just under 100 hours on my smelling strip, clear in colour, of a pourable viscosity and as for uses this material is a must for orris accords, floral bouquets, pairs very well with rose, orange blossom and violet leaf materials, provides increased substantivity when used within citrus and woody accords and is a great study material.”

Extracted from litsea cubeba essential oil.

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2 reviews for Beta Ionone Natural Isolate

  1. Anag (verified owner)

    I can not get enough of smelling this one. To me it seems it would pair well with anything – did not try, though – I am afraid I’d run out of it 😀 It lasts for days, too. Such a relaxing, powdery freshness this is! Quite unoffensive, it fleets out of and back into senses and gives time to really, REALLY miss it. And when you think it’s gone, it surprises you with its beautiful not-too-sweet freshness embracing a darkish, slightly bitter and woody character at it’s centre. A must smell, for sure. Addictive. And comes from litsea cubeba, can not believe it 🙂

  2. GinoF197 (verified owner)

    Great stuff that indeed pairs well with florals and citruses, woods.. a little goes a long way so beware. It’ll really give your perfume formula an extra boost.

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