Octyl Butyrate Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “If I could sum up this natural isolate of octyl butyrate natural isolate with two words they would be ‘deliciously fruity’.  This is not a powerhouse material, but its soft and enveloping creamy fruitiness is a pleasure to smell – one of those times where it’s difficult to put the smelling strip down and concentrate on other things, it’s just so enticing. The actual aroma is sweetly fresh and fruity with a waxy nature and initially reminds you of green oranges with a hint of creaminess. There’s a surprising naturalness to the scent and the overall effect is very comforting. After a while on the smelling strip, the fruit turns more to stone fruits and the lactone creaminess is more enhanced and there’s even some jasmine making an appearance – think peaches and custard with jasmine blossoms.

Octyl butyrate natural isolate would be useful as a top to heart note blender or an underlying base in any sort of fruity or floral creation.”

Extracted from coconut oil.