Organic Georgian Rose Raduga Otto

Adam Michael has this to say “Hailing from Georgia this rose raduga otto is an organic certified rosy gourmand indulgent masterpiece with floral powdery musky tonalities from start to finish, dark chocolate shavings galore infused with subtle honeyed orange pastel effects comparable to the orange note you find in black sacra resin. The aroma follows on with dark sexy smouldering red rose character, green leaf/stem/ earth traces, red jammy qualities and a tidal wave of floral dry powdery nuances that are reminiscent of low irones content orris absolutes. This is not your everyday rose otto, it even has a cooling effect upon the senses, so yes, this is so much more, a rose structure of course, but at this show, all the supporting notes are new, warm and exciting. This cultivar material oozes romance and beauty and as you can probably muster from my words, this gets my seal of approval all day long.

This is a super rarity, in fact to give this some context, in my 18 plus years at Hermitage, this is the first time I ever find a rose raduga otto production. Written because it helps partially address the elephant in the room here – price. Cost on this one isn’t that far off Taif otto you see – not the tourist price the few producers who export charge everyone outside of Saudi, but the price the Saudis discreetly charge to their own –  albeit here you also get a completely unique olfactory rose experience.

Sharing similarities to gallica otto, beautiful as a standalone aromatic, a must for floral-gourmand creations, luxury red rose bases, chocolate creations, and so far I feel this pairs wonderfully with orris aromatics, jasmines – chiefly grandiflorum, roses, sandalwoods, oakwoods, ouds (clean types) and our wool musk absolute.

Finally the image purchased is not of a Raduga Rose – impossible to find anything online that we can use. My plan is to take photos of this flower when we visit Roseto Fineschi in the next few months. I will then change this photo to show the correct flower.”

Botanical Name: Rosa raduga

Origin: Georgia (2023 Season)

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Certified Organic

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 2100 Euros.