Azerbaijani Fruity Rose Otto

Adam Michael has this to say “Due to the positive reception our Azerbaijani Rose Otto S.G has received to date (email approval is great but please leave reviews with cherries on top!), I have explored the Azerbaijani rose scene some more and found what I believe to be another winner.

I won’t go on and on about yet another lengthy rose otto aroma description, as I feel that this one is one of those materials that you smell and instantly realise their beauty, so it’s best to just sit back, inhale and let the rose do the talking.

For those who instead also want to understand a bit more of the aroma profile: from the bottle this pink flowered rose otto aroma is a heavily fruit laced rose floral. Cheerful fruit notes that come to mind, juicy raspberries, lychees, sweetened passion fruit juice, kiwi, pear, candied mandarins and rose flavoured home-made lemonade. The rose components are intense rose wet, rose dewy, rose juicy themed, finished with trace rose syrup qualities. As you would expect this rose profile is also honeyed and comes complete with trace green leaf and stem qualities.

This Azerbaijani rose showcasing incredible clarity, wonderful projection and longevity throughout. You may think the dry-down would follow the usual pattern of pink rose flowers – so rose powdery, but if it does I don’t pick this up. Instead for me this rose otto dry down is mouth-watering juicy fresh until it exudes scent no more. 0.25ml lasts 3 hours on my skin type, yellow through to green in colour subject to volume or weight, and a first distillation produced by steam distilling the damascena flowers.

Without bleating on, both online and offline with private collectors, I have sourced and sold a good 35 plus rose otto damascena aromatics from many different countries. Aside from forming the opinion that Middle-Eastern countries produce the most luxurious and superior damascena ottos on Earth, I want to add this is one of the most memorable rose damascena aromatics that I have ever had in my possession and on some level due to the variety within the fruit profile  – of which reminds me a little of smelling our raspberry rose liquid –  an argument could be made that this is one of the most beautiful damascena rose ottos I have ever offered to date. If you love your roses, then this is another must try, and I can’t help but once again pay my compliments to the producer of whom I hope to work with for many years to come.”

Side note: You will find this essential oil/otto, crystallises under temperatures of about 20°C. Rest assured there is nothing wrong with it and it is quite beautiful visually. All you need to do is give your bottle a shake (with cap on) and it will be liquid again very quickly.

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Azerbaijan

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 700 Euros. 100G = 1300 Euros.