Azerbaijani Rose Otto Signature Gold

Adam Michael has this to say “Azerbaijani rose otto, what a beauty. Simply sophisticated, powerful, bright, long lasting rich dewy rose profile with a thick lemon honey scented middle and lashings of rose garden flowers freshness throughout. Wonderful staying power, excellent clarity, smooth, crisp, elegant and heavenly. As many know, across these past 5 years in Italy, I have sourced winner after winner on the rose otto front and what we have here is no exception, rivalling Persian Rose Otto Gold as my finest find to date.

What is incredible here is that all this magnificent beauty is from the first distillation only, so no second distillation, no blending and it completely does away with what I thought I knew about the artistry process. I personally find it so hard to believe because the aroma profile is completely bang smack on point, nothing remotely lacking, those watery rose qualities are here galore, and the honey lemon notes are bursting through the seams.

Uses, really you decide. Enjoy this solo or layer with fellow florals, ouds, sandalwoods and so forth, it doesn’t really matter as this is that rose that plays nice with all the widely cherished natural aromatics. And if you are building a rose perfume, just know that this can easily be the star of your show as it really captures and displays the very essence of smelling living roses in late spring on a warm-breezy late morning.

My first ever Azerbaijani produced Rose Otto, hopefully not my last, and if you are a fellow rose-enthusiast I give this rose otto my strongest possible approvals. Masterpiece material.”

Side note: You will find this essential oil/otto, crystallises under temperatures of about 20°C. Rest assured there is nothing wrong with it and it is quite beautiful visually. All you need to do is give your bottle a shake (with cap on) and it will be liquid again very quickly.

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena 

Origin: Azerbaijan 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 750 Euros. 250G = 3600 Euros.