Patchoulol+95% Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “We have sourced this new patchoulol natural isolate (18.07.21), directly from a world-respected French supplier, showcasing a superior purity level, and an aroma profile that is a base note in its most primal form.

As some will be aware, I now live in the Tuscan countryside and the river Arno wraps itself around the fraction I live in. Going for walks here is a true pleasure, as there are walking paths on our doorstep aplenty, woods, forest, the riverbank, lots of wildlife, simply, all of the gifts of life  are right here ready to enjoy, including secret walking paths just for the locals. Mentioned because across the late Spring in Tuscany its normal to be on the receiving end of really blustery windy weather which can actually be brutal. But this weather change, results in the air filling with the scent of dried through to slightly damp stone/gravel, layered with some type of micro algae tonalities. It is, for me, very possibly my favourite aroma of life, sincerely, as it is such a soul cleansing scent where at least for me, I feel at peace and connected with nature.

Aromatically this material displays exactly these notes that I enjoy so much, exuding a cold, damp sensation, reminding me of the smell of old books, mouldy cellars, petrichor (aka the scent of rain falling on dry soil) and even dry and after the rain pieces of gravel through to stone with the very dried algae tonalities that I smell near our riverbank. Unlike other patchouli materials, patchoulol natural isolate also possesses a certain sternness about it, it is not joyfully fruity like patchouli absolute, nor does it display the same clean sweetness of patchouli CO2. Its aroma really feels cold, somewhat austere, and has camphoraceous through to patchouli minty qualities, a character that appears to become particularly dominant after a couple of days on the smelling strip.

I find this patchoulol natural isolate seems to have a lot in common with fenchyl alcohol (that could be seen as its top note counterpart maybe) and of course geosmin for its petrichor scent.

Best evaluated diluted, this patchoulol natural isolate is one of those materials that you run the risk of not been able to smell after a short while of evaluation. The nose becomes so saturated that you find yourself wondering does this smell of anything (something that for many happens with ionones). This is also because despite being outstandingly persistent, it is an exceptionally low odorant material, meaning it has little to nothing in the way of head/top notes.

Should you still have problems detecting/evaluating this material, a good exercise could be to make a perfume composition, split it in two beakers, add patchoulol only to one of the beakers and then compare the two compositions.

Sold as a ready-to-use ethanol dilution at 25% and also offered neat (in crystals) in bulk weights, this natural isolate is extracted from patchouli essential oil, and the purity level is at least 95%.”

Extracted from Patchouli Essential Oil 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 65 Euros.