Phenylethyl Alcohol Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “Also known as P.E.A, produced from R.damascena rose absolute and it is a truly mind blowing natural isolate that is packed full of luscious rose charm throughout and of phenomenal tenacity, lasting upwards of 40 hours on the smelling strip alone. The opening is somewhat rich rose and reminiscent tbh of simply smelling the absolute.

The heart is full of watery rose qualities, powdery rose notes and a dewy honeyed rose finish. It goes without saying really that this material is a must for building rose accords, and generally supporting all floral themes very well. I personally find this material pairs especially well with lilac CO2, linden CO2 and carnation absolute as well as working nicely with the coconut CO2 when building tropical themed floral notes. Again staying with CO2 materials I have also found this NI P.E.A works splendidly with galbanum CO2 and violet leaf absolute when creating watery green notes. Finally it is a dream material when used with the Cocoa CO2 or absolute, enabling the creation of mouth-watering rose scented chocolate notes.”

Extracted from rose absolute oil.

Alcohol Soluble: Yes 

Oil Soluble: Yes