Persian Cypress Signature Gold E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “First this is 10 out of 10 on my score card all day long, if you know the smell the cypress tree puts out when it has been subjected to the sunshine throughout the day, then its probable you will join me in regarding this cypress e.o as a bonified masterpiece that provides a mind-blowing and true to life experience.

This cypress e.o hails from Iran, the country that gives us the world’s most exquisite rose ottos (honourable mention to Saudi Arabia), a country I am in love with for its aromatics and a country all online resellers reading this need to be supporting more, because if your objective is to deliver the most dazzling and captivating aromatics to your clients, if you want to be considered as one of the best in your class, if you want to be more than just a vocal mouthpiece for the greed orientated, insincere soulless European aromatic conglomerates, then sincerely look at getting behind countries such as Iran. Spanish and French Cypress E.O producers dominate yet they put out cypress e.o that is shameful and sucks real bad, usually of which can be had for around 80 Euros per kilo and touted to amateur hour aromatherapists and perfumers for around 5 euros per 10ml, people who simply don’t really care enough about the ingredients they use, or respectfully have zero idea of how this aromatic smells in nature.

Now the aroma of this sensational Persian cypress e.o is yummy sun-drenched mega-saturated cypress cones resin rich throughout, with sweet-candied aspects, bright woody tonalities, musty Jerusalem pine and ripe- juniper skins character. It is absolutely gorgeous, thirst-quenching in fact and truly captures and emits the late afternoon aroma experience of living here in Italy, sat out having an aperitivo with loved ones on the kitchen terrace, looking out over the hills, the sky filled with colour, the air still hot just before sunset, the few remaining cicadas still chirping their little hearts out, and the air filled by this exact scent from the cypress trees that are all around us. This is how cypress e.o should be, this sticky- rich resin core, the saturated melody of woods, the zappy-ness the juicy ripe fruits, just like picking the foliage at the end of a hot summers day and rubbing it in your hands.

Produced by steam distilling both the green foliage and the cones, of a pourable viscosity and strong yellow through to amber orange in colour, subject to weight/volume.

As you will see this too gets the signature gold grade from me, and sincerely this even has South African lusitanica beaten – my favourite cypress aromatic for the past 7 years – and decimates aromatically the experience of working with Moroccan atlantica also. Hands down the best cypress aromatic I have encountered, and fingers crossed this can be a forever-ever offering in the Hermitage Oils collection. However, until that is set in stone, this aromatic joins our limited-edition section. A work of aromatic art, contender for Hermitage Oils favorite 2022 release, nothing to do with corporates, as artisan as it gets,  and I finish with compliments and praise for the producer.”

Botanical Name: Cupressus sempervirens

Origin: Iran