Petitgrain Water Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of petitgrain water absolute is very potent, and as I have come to learn, flooding a good sized living space just from adding a few drops to the smelling strip! A green heart note material, quite heady, bursting with intense green petitgrain character, full of watery citrus fresh nuances and noticeable woody undertones. The heart is more of the same but with noticeable clean leafy qualities and striking vegetative back notes.

Petitgrain water absolute aka orange brouts absolute is a solvent extracted material from orange leaves hydrolate. With its dark green colour and dark deep scent this absolute needs to be used with a light hand.

Used sparingly it imparts leafy freshness and naturalness to almost all compositions, can be used in colognes, citrus and wood accords, a must for building petitgrain and neroli notes, improving modern green accords and floral bouquets.”

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium var. amara

Origin: Morocco