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Smoke Liquid 100%

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “A Hermitage all natural creation, amber in colour and of pourable viscosity. Smoke Liquid enchants the nose with wafts of liturgical incense smoke, evoking colourful stained glass windows, stone walls, wooden pews, solemn prayer, divinity, and metaphysical beauty. How wondrous to find the sensation that one derives from smoke plumes in liquid form.

The lemon-pine-terpenic facets of olibanum resin, resinous, pungent myrrh, sacred copal, embers and ashes emanate from the top through its smoldering dry down. This blend demonstrates sensational longevity, remaining on the mouillette for up to five days. Meditative, devotional, and symbolic of sanctification, “Smoke Liquid” naturally would make a spectacular addition to incense compositions, sacred blends, even campfire and burning leaves accords.”

2 reviews for Smoke Liquid 100%

  1. Charalambos Charalambous (verified owner)

    Excellent introduction from the first sniff!lemons +pine resin dripping and around you a wooden smokiness but yet so sweet.. !! Actually you cannot understand if you want this oil to use it alone or blend it with more incensy oils to give it a stronger boost or just use it alone as a smokey feather around you…i can’t believe what a blessing is to have all that experience in one bottle..don’t missed it for your collection !

  2. joseph1 (verified owner)

    I don’t think I can review this as well as how Joseph describes it. I am so grateful for this it truly takes my respect and awe for Hermitage Oils to a whole another level. I literally feel like I am in good hands when relying on Adam and his creations (hopefully more like this)

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