Pimento Berry Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “Yes, smelling Pimento Berry Essential oil is not the most wow and life changing experience to be found in the world of natural aromatics. Simply it contains a lot of eugenol and thus, cue the comparisons with smelling clove bud. From the bottle the top notes are warm, sweet, spicy, deep, clean and somehow reminding me of the taste of coca cola. For me, if we are drawing comparisons, this material has a much gentler, less harsh and more balanced opening compared with clove bud. The heart of Pimento Berry Essential Oil (also known as ALLSPICE) is also very ‘rich’, sweet, sour and fruit spicy.  No dry notes in the base either, of a pourable viscosity and light yellow in colour. Cheaper material exists but I find this producer offers something a little extra special regarding aroma profile.”

Arctander has this to say “Pimento Berry Oil is a pale yellow liquid with a warm-spicy, sweet odor, presenting a peculiar, but fresh and clean top note and a long lasting, sweet, balsamic-spicy bodynote with a tea-like undertone. There is certain resemblance to clove bud oil in the slightly sour-fresh, fruity topnote. Any dryness in the odor, any lack of sweet freshness and dullness of the dryout, should arouse the suspicion of the evaluator.

In perfumery, the role of pimenta berry oil is limited to that of a modifier in the modern “spicy” types of “men’s fragrance”, fougere, after-shave, etc. and occasionally as a “special note” of warm and sweet-spicy character, e.g. in chypre, Oriental bases, etc. It blends excellently with ginger oil, geranium, nerol, neryl acetate, lavender, amyl salicylate, opopanax, labdanum products, isoeugenol, ylang ylang, methyl cinnamic aldehyde, methyl ionones, patchouli, orris products, etc.”

Botanical Name: Pimenta officinalis

Origin: Jamaica