Iso Amyl Acetate 50% Natural Isolate (Banana)

Adam Michael has this to say “Smelling Iso Amyl Acetate natural isolate neat, you are greeted with an instant hit of ripe and highly sweetened banana nuances. These notes are very child-like, fun, innocence, playful, expressive and take me back to my early childhood with my cousin. Both of us enjoying a Nesquik banana milkshake each, and taking in a few children’s cartoons before heading outside to ride our bikes for hours on end. Simple times!

However the aroma neat is a very heady experience and your nostrils run the risk of being suffocated by a stampede of super charged bananas. As such I am offering this material at 50% in alcohol. At 50% you essentially put some distance between you and the aroma and can better evaluate and appreciate the material. Also at 50% you will clearly detect candied pear fruit notes. On the strip and at 50% the aroma is present for approximately 3 hours.

And that is about it for this aroma profile, not complex nor deep, just a banana’s and candied pear fruit pieces.

If you are a perfumer, this is a must buy because finding naturals that are fully fruit orientated is very rare. Generally very useful in functional products and pairs especially well with ylangs, along with coconut CO2 and Jasmine materials.”

Extracted from Cassava