Rose Gallica Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “The first thing that really strikes me about Rose Gallica Absolute (aka Apothecary’s Rose Absolute) is that it has an instantaneously noticeable thick, weighty and indulgent feeling upon the senses, like enjoying a dessert with a big helping of double cream.  All aspects of this aroma seem to glow outwards like a genuinely happy soul. The notes within the opening include green watery apples with rose musky tones and lots of dewy bright sweetened powdered rose character.

As time progresses with this rose gallica absolute, the profile goes onto display a body comparable to melted Bulgarian rose concrete with a sun kissed intensity of a Turkish absolute and a sweetness that many will find with a Moroccan centifolia absolute. As such this could be the perfect rose absolute for the perfumer as aside from its own character, it also captures and displays the best aspects found within what are the most commercially popular rose absolutes offered today. The material dries down in a Moldovan Otto fashion, with copious powdery through to musk type tonalities, finished with a delicate over ripe fruit nuance.

For those that remember Pink Musk Otto, lots of that aroma is found here within the dry down and right towards its end, you also get hits of bourbon rose as well in the form of rose scented jelly with a slight distinct vegetative, borderline artichoke flowers aroma – you may have to really look for it, but I believe it is here, albeit with a sweeter, fruitier twist.

This is a wonderful aromatic of the highest order that all rose enthusiasts will enjoy exploring. I am incredibly happy to have this somewhat rarity in my offering and highly recommend this material. Also, some may be aware that since moving to Tuscany we have been establishing our own living library of roses in one of the gardens here. Happy to type that this absolute does capture the living flowers very well, if anything, this aroma has more to enjoy. Photos taken in our garden (11.06.21).”

Botanical Name: Rosa gallica

Origin: Russia

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 400 Euros. 100G = 600 Euros.