Rose Morocco Damascena Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say ”In Europe, the commonly available damascena rose absolute will be of either Bulgarian or Turkish origin more times than most. Both countries have strong reputations of excellence in this specific area and rightly so as they produce outstanding damascena rose absolutes. (As for otto, for me, Moldovan, Iranian or Saudi Arabian is the way to go)

Likewise when most of us think of rose absolute of Moroccan origin, it will be the centifolia species that we know and love, a sweeter smelling species, when transformed into absolute. Regarding the “sweetness” this is actually a hallmark of Moroccan produced roses, and applies to Moroccan damascena also.

So although not as common here within Europe, I thought that it would be cool to obtain Morocco damascena for our website.
Aromatically, applied to the strip, initially it is a warm, feisty rose, “red” style in nature and comprising of sweet-spiced, earthy, indulgent rose character. As time progresses, although more concentrated, it does resemble very well tending to rose bushes in my garden, the smell of the earth, the mulch, the stems, the leaves and flowers, everything is here. It never quite gets to “pink” type territory but as time progresses and it showcases dreamy powder sweet rose aspects, watery through to dewy rose qualities, and a soft gooey-elasticity that I connect with the texture of eating pink marshmallows. Everything about this aromatic is smooth, suave, sweet, sexy, and perfectly orchestrated.

The more you sit with it, well, it is a deeply enjoyable experience to behold. Of the now four damascena absolutes we carry (03/03/21), this one would definitely win the “sweetest rose absolute” award, albeit just, and if such an award existed! The behaviour of this rose absolute, is such that I also feel it should be somewhat more controllable for perfumers.

Regarding uses, this gorgeous orangey red coloured absolute that is alcohol and oil soluble, will of course make a great backbone for both natural and mixed media rose accords, pairs wonderfully with orange blossoms, sambac jasmine, and more of the earthy enriched cultivated vetivers. Works especially well with aged base heavy (mint nuances free) patchoulis – dark especially, and many wood aromatics including aged cabreauva and of course Indian sandalwoods. Highly recommend material.

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Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Morocco

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 1145 Euros. 1 Kilo = 4200 Euros.