Sandalwood Sweetie CO2 (INDIA)

Adam Michael has this to say “As the name suggests this sandalwood sweetie co2 is of a heightened sweet-gourmand nature. The woody, creamy, buttery nuances are all here, and interestingly, this is bottom heavy without the level of brightness normally found within co2 sandalwoods. In fact, unless told, and based on how this profile unfolds, you would think you are evaluating essential oil.

I find on skin this sandalwood sweetie co2 requires a good fifteen to twenty minutes before it reveals itself with sufficient oomph. Once it is starting to fire on all cylinders this profile becomes fatter, more saturating, deeper, dense, richer and very fulfilling on the senses. On my skin type this sweetie co2 stays in optimal form for seven hours and is still occasionally detectable at the ten-hour mark. “Quality” wise this is impressive, delivering a real sense of opulence and luxuriousness like that of original India Gold, 1936 E.O and Musk 1960. It absolutely has India Gold V.2 beaten in this regard with ease and I would think whether the user is new to sandalwood or a life-long connoisseur, everybody should be able to appreciate and enjoy the beauty within this aromatic.

This is a simple profile, on the gourmand front, to be precise, is vanillic sweet, play-doh and caramelised sugar orientated. The woody character is soft but noticeable, all notes play like a beautiful symphony and this aromatic has a very likeable feminine enriched soul in the same vein as Musk 1960. Produced from logs estimated to be in the 80 years of age ballpark, logs legally obtained and the total santalols content simply quantified is coming in at 73%. As for perfumery uses, as I have written many times before, sandalwood is a friend to many, and this applies with sandalwood sweetie co2.”

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Origin: India

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 450 Euros. 100G = 780 Euros. 250G = 1800 Euros.