Sandalwood Musk 1960 CO2

Adam Michael has this to say “As I type it is April 30th 2020. Not long has passed since the days of sandalwood India gold s.p CO2. For those lucky enough to have purchased, I think all would agree it was a phenomenal bottled beast of sandalwood genius and well worthy of all the rapture and applause.

Over the last few years I have started to form the idea that with sandalwood productions, CO2 has a knack of providing a better end result than its E.O. counterpart. Maybe you will disagree, but for me CO2 always has more of a top, better projection, the aroma profile seemingly better throughout, smoother, creamier, even with the Australian sandalwood, notorious for having rough notes in its E.O form, comes out of the CO2 process beautified, mellow, smooth, rounded and simply showcasing magnificent body. Again though, just my thoughts but such that I am actively focused now on finding artisans to run custom sandalwood CO2 productions for me over the E.O.

So this leads me onto my next find, none other than Indian Sandalwood Musk 1960 CO2.

First let me say the producer estimates the wood used is at least 60 years of age (fallen trees) and it has been purchased through the forest department auctions. Next, the key santalol contents stands at 78%. This material is also alcohol and oil soluble and subject to weight is brown to very dark brown in colour.

First, to be clear, this material like so many sandalwood materials being a base note, needs to be evaluated on a smelling strip or better still on the skin and not straight from the bottle. 

Applied to the smelling strip, and within a few minutes, the opening notes are all out classic vintage, instantly recognisable sandalwood, bursting with indulgent smooth wood nuances, tinged with warm trace spice, bellowing creamy milky buttery aspects, addictive bright fluffy cloud musk scented qualities plus notes resembling lightly toasted hazelnuts and coconut shavings.
To expand on the musk character, it best resembles and leans strongly in the direction of inhaling our ambrettolide natural isolate – albeit possibly better, that fulsome saturated musk aroma, really clean, soft, delicate, sweet, addictive and powerful all in one, playing harmoniously together with the lush aged creamy sandalwood facets. I must also pick up on the nutty/hazelnut note, found at the start, a little toppy, exudes a somewhat rawness that will fade out over the period of about 30 ish minutes.

This all follows on by a brief interlude of dry, dusty, powdery qualities that are clearly sandalwood orientated but yet manage to give an impression of smelling aged Texan cedarwood and tonka beans, lightly sprinkled with a dusting of chocolate.

For about the next 12 hours on the strip, it is mostly as above, creamy sweet, indulgent sandalwood, musk clean, with varying coconut gourmand qualities. After this time on the strip what we have is a lighter, sweet sandalwood saturated with a musk mustiness like that found within angelica seed e.o and clear impressions of coconut ice cream, really lactone rich, nutty, sweet qualities galore, a true gourmand note and still with the now lighter but very present and noticeable sandalwood character sitting in the background. Also at this stage the sandalwood notes are far creamier, sweeter, pronounced and more mouth-watering than that of our Mysore produced sandalwood which for the record is on average now produced from wood of around 30 years of age.

Approaching the 40 hour mark on the strip and the aroma is now more of an intimate affair, to be expected yes but the musk notes are still prominent, bright, sparkling with a fizz and gentle pop sensation about them, and tucked just behind you find those joyful creamy saturating sandalwood facets.

Applied to my skin, subject to the amount applied – from a faint to a generous swipe, the aroma lasts for 3 to 5 hours, starts up properly after 15 minutes and during this time the aroma throughout is rich warm woody sweet, powdery, Oriental light spiced, with trace vanillic and gooey burnt caramel hues.

To sum up, a profoundly calming, soothing on the senses aromatic ride throughout and of a standing far superior to the regular cultivated offerings available today. A material that whilst structurally predictable is of real beauty that only age affords. A work of aromatic genius on the producers side, sublime musk qualities, soulful creamy woody aspects in the core, utter perfection throughout, slower to start up than India Gold yes, but this delivers more and again in a structurally organised sandalwood form. I have no hesitation in marking this as 10 out of 10 material and am grateful to have this within our offering. Within perfumery, has great fixative value, a must for improving and adding aged qualities within sandalwood accords, musk creations, pairs well with roses, sambac jasmine, ouds, champaca and beautiful within incense accords.”

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Origin: India

Wild/Plantation: Plantation

Santalols Content: 78%