Seaweed Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “Deep green in colour, seaweed absolute exudes an aroma that will delight, dazzle and stimulate. The smell is exactly like fresh seaweed that has found its way onto the shore in the early morning, possessing that unique and refreshing ocean smell, very clean and invigorating with stunning aquatic green notes throughout. This material is of a paste to solid consistency and unless you are intending to dilute this in perfumers alcohol it is not wise to buy this material, instead a better option would be the seaweed colourless absolute we offer which is pourable.

Invaluable for the creation of marine accords, building ozonic and pine bases, and offers interesting modifying and boosting effects within moss creations and green top accords. Blends very well with mosses, pines, galbanum, vetiverts and incense wood.”

Botanical Name: Fucus vesiculosus

Origin: France