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Sweet Flag Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say β€œThe aroma is quite a unique experience, immensely butter sweet, with fresh earthy rhizome character, and delicate sweet spice nuances. Produced by steam distilling the rhizomes and leaves.

Indian sweet flag oil generally contains a therapeutically prized constituent called beta asarone and generally it is present in Indian material at around 70% of the oil. Within perfumery this material is a must for gourmand accords, spice accords, pairs very well with butter CO2, ginger oils and is useful material for building ylang ylang notes.”

Botanical Name: Acorus calamus

Origin: India

1 review for Sweet Flag Essential Oil

  1. gergely.e.nagy (verified owner)

    Sweet flag is absolutely revolting. I thought perhaps that it would be interesting to work with something that’s described to have a “fresh earthy rhizome character” perhaps as a replacement for or a pairing to orris, but what awaited me was not at all anything along those lines.

    This is stink bug essence bottled. If you are familiar with this pest that populates Europe during the hotter months then you can already imagine that reviling secretion they emit should they land on your hand. There’s also an element of pond plant to it, like the watery stalk of a bulrush but paired with the stink bug secretion this essential oil is one that should be avoided at all cost.

  2. Adam Michael

    Hello Gergely, what a review!! Sweet Flag definitely doesn’t smell of rose petals and fragrant jasmine flowers! It is a little bit on the stinky side, its aroma profile however is fairly unique and as you will soon find out as your journey in perfumery materials continues, even the worst stinkers can contribute a great deal to the beauty and magic of a perfume, adding depth and mystery to the composition. If you haven’t tried it yet, I think civet might shock you even more, and yet it is one of the most transformative materials you can add to a perfume (in small amounts!). Adam πŸ™‚

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