Tonka Bean Absolute (Venezuela)

Adam Michael has this to say “Venezuelan tonka bean absolute, this masterpiece provides something extra aromatically in comparison to the Brazilian grown and French produced alternative we also carry. The opening notes are classic tonka – richness, warmth, dry powdery aspects galore with milky and cloying vanillic qualities. The heart notes are coconut flesh, powdery coumarinic with a joyous sweet grass and nutty undertone. The base notes are rich coumarinic, sweet pudding, somewhat far flung Oriental spicy with the usual dry hay, fruit, and warm herbaceous injection.

As for uses this venezuelan tonka bean absolute helps gourmand accords flourish, pairing beautifully with almonds, coconuts, vanillas, cherries, dried fruits, cinnamon and chocolates. The versatility of this material is actually outstanding, from Christmas themes to capturing the essence of the Tropics or even the English Summertime, this tonka bean absolute is such a significant and wondrous material. Also used for improving herbaceous foundations, developing earth notes, exotic floral and Oriental spice themed bases and is a standard material for the new mown hay accords. I highly recommend this particular tonka bean absolute. Produced by solvent extraction, paste like viscosity and golden yellow in colour.”

Botanical Name: Dipteryx odorata

Origin: Venezuela

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 150 Euros. 100G = 280 Euros. 250G = 600 Euros.