Vetiver Hydro Distilled Wild E.O (KHUS)

Adam Michael has this to say “If you think that this is just another vetiver essential oil then please think again. Yes, the DNA is a vetiver, and yes, all classic vetiver key descriptors still apply: baked earth, grassy, rooty, spiced, and so on and so forth.

However this material is something truly special, if you will, a galaxy of aroma contained within a tiny little bottle. An exceptionally heavily concentrated material that moves outwards into new territories, a vetiver that is without question, the most complex base note of its own kind. A material that is a monstrous beast as much as it is an angelic little puppy, staring up at you with big blue eyes.

So to be absolutely clear, this is not one of the usual, easy to obtain, off the shop shelf cultivated offerings. No, what we have here is wild grown North Indian vetiver, lush green in colour (check the photo), and in this particular instance, it has even been produced via hydro distillation.

In the top the aroma is vegetative skins, old leather, warm grass, spiced roots and red mud. Quite an opening indeed.  Much of this stays well into the heart and slowly but surely it moves into the direction of walking through tall warmed pungent smelling grasses blowing gently in the wind. Add to this lots and lots of -after the rain- warmth, comparable to heavily diluted galbanum, and once more, all tainted with a vetiver root spiced and clay infusion. The grass aspects are free of anything coumarinic, just packed out with green fresh air effects.

Then, we start to move towards the unknown, specifically within a 8-36 hour time window, you will discover nuances that Ill sum up as standing on a little wooden boat far out in the ocean, nothing but water for as far as your eyes can see, your arms stretched out, your head looking up into the sky, the rain bouncing off your skin and the most important part, your lungs filled with clean, cooling, fresh wind swept ocean air. Yes this vetiver essential oil even takes us into the world of ozonic. And as usual, you are indulged in all of these experiences like that of being in a dream, everything makes sense, you don’t question how one minute you are intoxicated with the aromas of heavy grasses and lots of green, only to be placed within an erratic wind swept ocean just split seconds later.

Applied to the strip, I find it takes about 24 hours before the material can be deeply evaluated as it is so insanely concentrated with base heavy qualities. The sea breeze/ozonic and oceanic aspects are found well in the base after the 90 + hour mark. As I say, what we have here is a monster and you really need to give this vetiver some serious time to understand how it moves and behaves because it really is a huge step up from cultivated offerings – regardless of how enjoyable they also are.

To sum up, hands down the greatest vetiver essential oil I have so far encountered. A material that will age like a fine wine, improving any perfume composition that is in need of vetiver. If you are building foliage accords, soil through to sea breeze notes, even fantasy compositions, this is the material you have to have in your collection. For me, and as a full on lover of vetivers, I of course give this full marks, 10 out of 10.”

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Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanioides

Origin: North India

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 360 Euros. 100G = 600 Euros. 250G = 1450 Euros.