Vetiver Sample Sets

We now offer 2 different vetivert sample sets as follows –

Vetiver Connoisseurs Set – 0.25ml Java 5 Year Aged Vetiver, 0.25ml Thai MD Vetiver, 0.25ml Reunion Bourbon Vetiver, 0.25ml Indian Absolute Vetiver, 0.25ml Haiti Heart Vetiver and 0.25ml South Indian Organic Vetiver.

Vetiver Discovery Set – 0.25ml Haiti Vetiver, 0.25ml Java Vetiver, 0.25ml Chinese Vetiver and 0.25ml Vetiver Royal Super Premium WILD.

For more information on the aromatic profiles of each material and potential uses, please refer to each individual listing on the website. To purchase a vetiver set please use the drop down bar opposite and select the vetiver set you would like to purchase : )

We have now created our own vetiver collection page.