Mark Evans has this to say “I’ve just spent a really enjoyable couple of hours comparing this green yarrow oil with the yellow yarrow oil that we also have available. Both are extracted from the flower heads of Achillea millefolium that blooms in a range of colours from white to yellow, pink, deep magenta and red. Yarrow has a long history of use in pharmacology and herblore and is known by many names in many parts of the world.

Here’s what I jotted down when smelling the blotter – bright, fresh, cooling, spicy, chamomile, tea, floral, juniper berries and that was just in the first minute! So complex, refreshing, strong and heady. After the first few minutes, green herbal qualities become prominent, particularly rosemary and thyme. These enticing herbs are more prominent in this green yarrow than the yellow material.

The green yarrow oil itself is a dusky blue colour due to a high chamazulene content, similar to chamomile oil. It has an incredibly complex chemistry which becomes evident when you spend some quality time with it on the smelling strip. Later on, the fragrance evolves to a lovely cherry sarsaparilla with a touch of woodiness. Sweet and delicious.

Obviously, these oils are an indispensable part of the perfumer’s palette for use in green accords, anything spicy, men’s colognes, aromatic anything and even gourmands.”