Zanthoxylum ORGANIC E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “Zanthoxylum is an exotically charged sensation and I love this material. A cocktail of exotic fruits such as lychee, dragon fruit, sharon fruit with a heavy dose of pomegranate juice all jump out within the top. The middle is like a Winter wonderland, loads of delightful warmth, rich berries underscored with some ginger and palma rosa zing. This is without doubt an incredible, joyous, feel good, uplifting fruity berry material and an utter delight on my oil burner.”

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “A transparent essential oil of easily pourable viscosity, zanthoxylum EO undoubtedly has a unique scent profile. Its top is redolent and effervescent, bringing to mind rosewood paired with the mildly sulphurous undertones of over-ripened tropical fruit, perhaps mango or starfruit. Its both bitter and sweet, pungent and soothing. As it dries on the tester, it displays are more sensual, peppery, balsamic quality, reminiscent of elemi. Its longevity if approximately five hours, making it a heart-top note. Zanthoxylum is a quandary for the nose, which makes its prospects as a perfume material all the more exciting. One may experiment with it in incense blends, precious woods accords, tropical fruit accords, oriental florals and chypres. Pair with ginger, galangal, cardamom or citrus for eyebrow-raising effects.”

Botanical Name: Zanthoxylum armatum D.C

Origin: Nepal

Certified Organic – CERES