Aldehyde C6 Natural Isolate 10% (Hexanal)

Adam Michael has this to say “A true powerhouse, this Aldehyde C6 Natural Isolate is offered here diluted at 10% in alcohol, but don’t think for a minute that at this point it will be a tame, weak smelling material. Quite the contrary, a couple of drops on a smelling strip for evaluation can still make your head spin, so there is still a lot of potential for diluting it down much further, making this a very cost-effective material: a little can really go a long way.

Bursting with green citrus rind freshness, this fruity Aldehyde C6 Natural Isolate also smells very waxy, fatty, grassy and even sweaty, but when further diluted down to 2% the picture changes lightly, yes still lots of green, grass, citrus rind, but also much cleaner, less sweaty and much more pleasant, all its boisterousness muted, and we are left with a refreshing fruity green top note whose application in perfumery can really only be limited by your own imagination.”

Extracted from palm oil.