Ambrette Seed Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “The experience of smelling ambrette seed absolute throughout its development paints a picture in my mind of an old charming English garden full of fragrant flowers in full bloom, happy bees, birds chirping, overgrown grass, tall mature trees, children playing. The scent of love and innocence swirling around and flooding the air, whilst clothes sway back and forth on the washing line in the afternoon’s gentle summer breeze.

The top notes to my nose are powdery musk, comparable to the heart notes within angelica root minus the earthy and vegetative qualities. The middle notes are layered in a truly exquisite fashion. First I detect a soft subtle woodiness with a fleeting hazelnut character that I associate with smelling santalol natural isolate – obtained from sandalwood. Slowly I detect the rich musk qualities with a lot of white floral character – notably fleeting notes of magnolia and Oriental wonder. The base notes are a glorious rich sweet musk and dried earth infusion. A truly stunning material that’s free from the fatty vegetative qualities of both the CO2 and the essential oil offerings, this absolute has a much longer shelf life and dilutes effortlessly in alcohol.

Ambrette seed absolute can be considered as a very good fixative and highly substantive, adds richness to floral, fruity and green notes, brilliant for building musk and incense bases and developing amber, chypre, fougere and woody accords. This material is golden water white, of a pourable viscosity and produced by molecular distillation from ambrette seed essential oil.”

Botanical Name: Hibiscus abelmoschus

Origin: France

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 950 Euros.