Ambrette Seed CO2 (PERU)

Adam Michael has this to say “This ambrette seed CO2 is absolutely gorgeous and has far exceeded my expectations. No doubt at all, this is easily on par with our ambrette seed absolute, in fact profile wise maybe it’s doing everything a notch better, which says a lot as our absolute was top top top quality material. This stuff is utterly addictive.

The aroma of this ambrette co2 opens with powerhouse plumes of clean smelling musky tonalities from the word go. Musky notes comparable to angelica seed crossed with Mongolian deer musk grains and finished with the fresh floral skin scent you experience when smelling peony flowers – albeit on steroids. Here you also have trace nutty facets, the smell of vintage leathers, orris floral powdery nuances and big hits of the creamiest Mysore sandalwoods you could ever dream of experiencing. Warm, rich, sweet, woody, musky indulgent excellence. This is a perfect 10/10 aromatic.

This Peruvian Ambrette Seed CO2 is produced from the uncrushed seeds by super critical fluid extraction, golden yellow in colour and of a pourable viscosity.

As for uses, I am recycling most of what I wrote for the absolute –  Ambrette seed CO2 can be considered as a very good fixative and highly substantive, adds richness to floral, fruity and green notes, brilliant for building musk and incense bases and developing amber, chypre, fougere and woody accords.

Botanical Name: Hibiscus abelmoschus L

Origin: Peru

Alcohol Soluble: Yes 

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 400 Euros. 250G = 1625 Euros. 1 Kilo = 6000 Euros.