Ambrette Seed Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “As I write today its the 11th July 2020 and we now offer Ambrette Seed Essential Oil,  yet another aromatic beast of a material, great longevity and displaying ultra-bright, soft, smooth musk notes throughout. In the early opening, I detect milk chocolate tinged nutty nuances and with the powdery musk qualities, this makes for a dreamy opening. The musk qualities in the middle have a light and breezy motion about them, again soft but potent and somehow cosy and comforting as well, the sensation and feelings I derive are like that of receiving a long hug from a loved one. Keyword descriptors for the musk qualities throughout would chiefly be powdery, breezy, animalic and clean, although admittedly dirty at times as well, think angelica root and those musky hues you find there, are also present here.

Whilst both this E.O and our absolute are stunning 9.5 or 10 out of 10 aromatics, I do find one noticeable difference between the two regarding how they open, albeit minor and really only noticeable if you compare both on the strip side by side. The difference is that for the first hour ish, this E.O displays a marginally superior top, instantaneously brighter, more strength, power, sultry charm and simply providing a more impactful moment on those who encounter this E.O within a perfume composition – compared directly against the same perfume but containing the absolute. Also, the absolute displays what I’d class as a metallic note in its opening – something you probably won’t detect without the comparison test and something that absolutely plays its part in the absolute opening ever so slightly rougher around the edges. However, as time progresses (within 3 hours maximum) it is the absolute that showcases more noticeable, weighty, concentrated, commanding and monstrous effects within ones creation and at this stage the E.O is far lighter (still super potent) and breezier in its impact on the senses.

To sum up

As such, my thinking here is if you want noticeable musk qualities, if you want big instant impact to wow your clients, with breezy lighter musk qualities in the early middle onwards, then this Ambrette Seed Essential Oil is your go to material. If you want a material that is more base heavy in its structure, so slower to start up but by the early middle starts to really perform for you, then it is no contest and the absolute emerges victorious.

Both alcohol and oil soluble, clear in colour, and the production (from the seeds) takes place in France. Regarding uses, a perfume in its own right, imparts richness and extended body to white floral accords, pairs well with most woody aromatics, especially sandalwoods (dream team combo), a must within Oriental accords, offers interesting effects with eugenol rich materials including our carnation absolute super premium, provides powdery volume and is generally of very good fixative value. The price point is also slightly better than the absolute, highly recommended material.”

Botanical Name: Hibiscus abelmoschus

Origin: France

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes