Carnation Absolute SUPER PREMIUM

Adam Michael has this to say “As of the 28th June 2020, and after lots of sampling, we now buy our carnation absolute directly from Egypt.This carnation absolute is olive green in colour and of a waxy/creamy viscosity that will benefit from bain-marie prior to use. The aroma neat on the strip is a heavily concentrated celebration of eugenol feistiness, peppery spice, damp earth, honeyed warm florals, and finished with an injection of warm green forest and herbaceous nuances. Diluted down to 20% and via the strip, the aroma is still an insane heady powerhouse experience, albeit showcasing for me some breezy fresh floral aspects, before the turbo charged spiced eugenol and green notes profile begins to heavily dominate once more. The genius Arctander mentions this materials aroma is only reminiscent of the living flower to a degree in high dilutions, he states 5% or weaker.

The Dianthus genus consists of some 300 plus species and these annuals and perennials with their blue-green foliage and never ending array of beautifully rich coloured flowers seem to feature in most gardens. It is important to state however that no carnation absolute smells exactly like that of the fresh flowers regardless of dilution (more of a soft and peppery experience, possibly comparable to that of night scented stock flowers) and so far I am not aware of any success stories regarding enfleurage, but what we have here, for me, is without question the best carnation absolute we have ever been able to source.

Useful material for oriental compositions and this absolute works splendidly with materials including roses, ouds, tobacco flower and especially patchouli absolute.

Botanical Name: Dianthus caryophyllus

Origin: Egypt

Alcohol Soluble: Yes/requires filtration

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 1363 Euros. 500G = 2675 Euros.