Anisyl Alcohol Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “With this anisyl alcohol natural isolate, the natural perfumer finally has access to a heliotrope material without having to resort to tonka and vanilla or search for a rare and expensive heliotrope flower absolute.

Anisyl alcohol natural isolate is delightfully sweet and softly powdery with pink floral, heliotrope and lilac qualities. It’s intoxicating to smell and the impression that comes to mind is one of baby powder and lilacs with hints of cherry and a good dose of balsams and vanilla. There’s also a creamy lactonic vibe in there along with a little roasted coconut. With so much going on in its olfactory profile, this natural isolate has excellent blending properties for use in sweet floral, powdery or ambery creations.

There are a couple of things to be aware of, though. Firstly, anisyl alcohol turns solid on cold days, but easily melts again with a little warmth. It’s also perfectly clear and colourless with none of the problems with discoloration that vanilla has. Secondly, be aware that IFRA has limited the use of this material in spray perfumes to 0.68% of the finished product.

Extracted from fennel oil.