Apple Liquid 100%

14/10/21: This product is supplied to us from a world famous naturals producer. Available here at the best online pricing when compared with all of our European and North American online competitors. None of them can compete. Pricing is so good that the wholesale weights are in line with official distributors pricing. Thanks, Adam : ) 

Adam Michael has this to say “This pourable material apple liquid 100% is apple sweet, very juicy and so good I want to drink it. I also detect a fleeting note of sweet banana powder within the heart notes, reminiscent to the taste of the Nesquik banana milkshake drink. This is a fun, bright, cheerful, innocent, inexpensive material that will be of great use to those creating fruit themed compositions. This is an all-natural creation.”

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 80 Euros. 1 kilo = 260 Euros. 5 kilos = 220 Euros per kilo.