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Apple Liquid 100%

Adam Michael has this to say “This pourable material is apple sweet, very juicy and so good I want to drink it. I also detect a fleeting note of sweet banana powder within the heart notes, reminiscent to the taste of the Nesquik banana milkshake drink. This is a fun, bright, cheerful, innocent, inexpensive material that will be of great use to those creating fruit themed compositions.”

This is a masterpiece material from a highly esteemed Grasse based producer. Whilst the exact recipe so to speak is proprietary information this apple liquid 100% is an all-natural compound creation.

2 reviews for Apple Liquid 100%

  1. Mauricio (verified owner)

    This is an incredible and versatile product. Surprisingly long-lasting for a fruity natural and so delicious that it could work as a complete perfume per se. I can smell the acidic nuances in the fleeting ‘top notes’ to mouth-watering apple jam in the ‘heart’. The less diluted the meatier, so to achieve the acidic aspect I recommend going as far as 2% or 3%.

    It’s very easy to use and complement bitter-ish resins (such as Myrrh) very well, also allowing for exquisite combinations with spices and green herbs, such as Verbena. I think its clear banana hint makes this product a perfect match for Ylang Ylang, especially the Grade 3 offerings, adding an intoxicating nuance to it.

  2. KimRiccelli (verified owner)

    This is exactly what it promises to be, a very true-to-life juicy apple scent that activates the salivary glands with its sweet-tart succulence. Has good tenacity for something so sheer and fruity, but definitely shines brightest during the first half-hour.

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