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Artemisia Balloon Blue E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma is boozy, bitter, camphoraceous, dry herbaceous, woody, fruity and extremely tenacious. This material is a softer, lighter aromatic equivalent of absynthe essential oil. As the material dries out, fatty, buttery and somewhat floral nuances are evident. This material is known by lots of common names including Great Mugwort and Giant Mugwort.

In perfumes, balloon blue wormwood oil lends a warm fruity, rich boozy, dry herbaceous note, useful in colognes, chypres, herbal bouquets and fougeres. The material is obtained by steam distilling the leaves and flowering tops, the colour is blue-grey-green and of a pourable viscosity.”

Botanical Name: Artemisia arborescens

Origin: Morocco

2 reviews for Artemisia Balloon Blue E.O

  1. Laya S (verified owner)

    A very strong & zesty material with a signature bitter herbaceous approach. Initially the top is expansive. The heart & base are curiously salty, like the sea plus scouring, like a good soap. The floral and fruity undertone strengthens in 1/2 hour and persists for at least 2 more hours. The very end of it’s dry-out (16 hours on the blotter) is surprisingly sweet & floral. A must for the Artemisia Lover!

  2. Lucinda Reynolds (verified owner)

    This with Cypress blue, love, fabulous combo. I adore the inky and blue oils for the anti inflammatory components they offer, this one does not fail.

    When I was scouring suppliers for this oil I was looking for that sweet smoky undertone that an older aged artmesia will have, and it is there! (another supplier had this but it didn’t behave or smell like the oil I have come to love over the years) I adore this as an aged oil so I bought two bottles, one to age and one to use. Thank you!

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