Cape Chamomile Essential Oil

Please note the image used is actually of Eriocephalus africanus. As soon as we can find a good photo of the E.punctulatus plant we will of course upload the correct image.

Adam Michael has this to say “The opening notes of Cape Chamomile essential oil are reminiscent to biting into a very ripe green apple. Big dosages of a crisp apple sweetness quickly flood the senses, and this is layered with honeyed herbal tea nuances that I think are best compared with the aroma of Roman Chamomile. The heart is still a very powerful affair on the senses however the opening fruit nuances are now much more in theme with the juicy syrup fruitiness that oozes from a beautifully aged bottle of Davana, marred with traces of booze and finished with warmth and Indian exoticness.

The base notes are again a Davana orientated powerhouse which is no doubt due in part to the davanone content of this material. Full of juicy fruit warmth qualities that I personally associate on a more muted level with Blackcurrant Liquid recreations and even Artemisia species. On the strip this material is present for about 30 hours and towards the very end I also detect minty trace notes.

Cape Chamomile comprises of over 200 plus natural constituents and is a truly wondrous and compelling material, so good it makes my all time top ten favourites list and that is no easy feat as I have without doubt sampled over a thousand naturals to date. I encourage everyone to try this material from whatever supplier as it is really special material. Blue in colour, of a pourable viscosity and produced from the flowers of the plant. This material is also Wild Crafted.

In perfumery this material is great at modifying and strengthening green notes, imparts tropical fruity character, is a must for green floral fruity concepts, wonderful within Oriental floral bouquets and blends well with many fruit, herbaceous an even spice materials.”

Image by Consultaplantas

Botanical Name: Eriocephalus punctulatus

Origin: South Africa