Davana Essential Oil

19th August 2021: We now buy our davana essential oil directly from a specialist producer and no longer from a reseller. For this reason our pricing is now extremely competitive, wholesale pricing now the best online when compared with my fellow respected online competitors, and better priced than all Grasse based resellers as well.  

Adam Michael has this to say “The aroma of davana essential oil opens with a slight bitter sweet warmth, following on with classic mulled fruity berry warmth and a splash of herbaceous goodness. Obtained from the red soil regions of India by steam distillation of the over ground parts of the flowering herb, deep red in colour and of a pourable viscosity. A brilliant material within perfumery for building Christmas themes, pairs especially well with cocoa colourless absolute, jasmine absolute and anise CO2, beautiful for improving dark berry accords and heavy florals plus it imparts interesting effects within boozy notes.”

Botanical name: Artemisia pallens

Origin: India

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 290 Euros. 500G = 480 Euros. 

Davana Essential Oil SDS