Cedarwood China E.O (7 YEAR AGED)

Adam Michael has this to say “Purchased in 2012 and now as I write it is 2019. The aroma of this 7 year aged Chinese Cedarwood (actually a species of cypress) is borderline Norlimbanol dry woody, dusty, exceptionally masculine, a little cumin spicy, bitter, astringent, in parts ever so slightly amber warm sweet and a comparable DNA wise to an aged bottle of Virginian Cedrawood. Yellow to pale green in colour, pourable and produced by steam distilling the chippings from the tree.

This material is useful for building wood notes, spicy accords, woody-oriental accords, animalic bases, pairs well with cedarwood oils, sandalwood and compliments the woody back notes contained within patchouli materials.”

Botanical Name: Cupressus funebris

Origin: China

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