Citronellal Natural Isolate

Mark Evans has this to say “If you wanted to classify citronellal, it would be an aldehydic citrus – it combines two essential elements needed for top notes in perfumes of all kinds into one material. It’s powerfully strong, bright and refreshing, like other aldehydes, yet also sweetly lemon citrus and citronella smelling. I can’t imagine a material that could be more useful in such a large range of perfumery applications than this natural isolate. Firstly, there’s the obvious use in anything with a citrus note with its sparkling fresh, citrus green, lemongrass zing that would boost and complement anything from yuzu to lime.

Petitgrain, neroli and traditional colognes would benefit hugely from a dose of citronellal, along with fougeres and classic barbershop creations. Perfect to freshen the top notes of aldehydic florals, aromatic or woody masculine fragrances, chypres and so on.

Nothing tops this all natural citronellal when it comes to versatility and, as an added bonus, it actually lasts considerably longer than other aldehydes and many citrus oils, bringing the sparkling aldehydic effect down into the heart of your perfume. An indispensable material in your perfumery organ.”

From Eucalyptus citriodora