Clove Bud Absolute

Joseph Colbourne has this to sayAn olive-green, viscous, thick liquid, clove bud absolute is bold, spicy, unyielding, intense, dare I say ‘meaty.’ It features savoury, umami notes that set it apart from the drier, terpenic essential oil. It reminds me of my beloved Worcestershire sauce (without the vinegar and garlic, of course), and that is not a bad thought at all, because this means wonderful, distinctive effects can be achieved with this unique characteristic. As a heart note, it can round off floral accords and enhance rose, carnation. It is highly diffusive and famously tenacious, so use lovingly with a light hand.

Arctander has this to say “The odour of the absolute is not only a very close approach to the odour of the botanical material. It presents a floral and refined type of this fragrance, also resembling the balsamic, sour sweet and immensely rich fragrance of clove flowers in full bloom. Clove bud absolute is particularly useful in perfumes where the non-phenolic notes of cloves are wanted to impart a spicy, yet fresh-floral and intriguing note of great diffusive power. The absolute can be used with surprisingly good effects in many floral bases and it lends interesting twists to ylang-ylang, carnation, rose, cassie, narcissus and other floral perfume types”.

This material is produced from the concrete which is in turn extracted from the dried and crushed flower buds. Next the concrete is alcohol washed which provides this absolute. The colour is deep green-honey brown and is of a slightly thick, runny but pourable viscosity at room temperature.

Botanical Name: Eugenia caryophyllata

Origin: France

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