Cypress Lusitanica ORGANIC

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “Perhaps the most distinct cypress essential oil I have experienced, it is absolutely heaven to my senses. This recalls memories of fresh sap on my fingers, crunching needles in my hands, cool, crisp spring or autumn days, ponds surrounded by conifers. The exhilarating, joyful top reminds me of kumquat, yuzu, along with the sparkling thuja, white cypress. A mouth-watering terpenic kumquat note married with thuja persists as it dries down into its hard, which is surprisingly tenacious for a cypress EO.

Even an hour to two hours in on the strip, the zesty, citric, terpenic, coniferous are still readily apparent. The citrus vibes dissipate three hours in but the coniferous character remains, exhibiting more of a dry effect. It lasts about sixteen hours on the mouillette, a powerhouse for typically volatile conifer oils. This would have much versatility in citrus blends, fougeres, colognes.”

Mark Evans has this to say “This essential oil is distilled from the leaves and twigs of Cupressus lusitanica (also known as the Mexican or Portuguese Cypress). Smelling this cypress oil compared directly with the standard cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) is an exciting experience – you realise just how much more special this oil is. It is incredibly fruity and berry-like, I would even compare it more to juniper berry oil than other cypresses. As well as the berry, you also get a sense of sweet, tropical juices along with citrus, lime and minty notes. The pine, conifer and woody notes you would expect from a cypress oil do show up eventually and when they do there is no hint of staleness or that cleaning product smell – this is quality and beauty all the way to the dry-down. This is undoubtedly the best cypress oil available.”

Botanical Name: Cupressus lusitanica

Origin: South Africa (direct from source CERTIFIED ORGANIC)

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