Frankincense Super Premium Resin

Adam Michael has this to say “It is the 14th April 2020 as I write and if you have experienced our world class Frankincense Super Premium E.O, the one jacked up on steroids to an extent if it had eyes they would dangerously bulge from the eye sockets, yes that essential oil. Well, if you have, this resin is responsible for that essential oil.

Aromatically from the bag, this resin smells lightly of frankincense, has a powder church type vibe going on, a little dry and with a soft, faint but detectable lemon citrus nuance. For its worth as well, the trees they collect this resin from are also left to their own devices and although they do not have a piece of paper that states this is organic, it essentially is.

However, burn this resin and be wowed by this superb aroma profile. For what we have here is super pungent churchy, indulgent resinous warm with a soft bed of wet juicy citrus notes bursting in the air, and a faint almost ghost like green bitter jungle type profile that works in harmony with the citrus aspects.

In keeping with the E.O as well, I have to get across the notes here when burning the resin, are all super charged, they go on for longer, they do everything that little bit standout better, the experience is deeper and more remarkable with some piercing black + green sacra qualities throughout the duration of the burn, overall to sum up, in this form, a frankincense carterii resin of a very high standing and price wise representing exceptional value for money. The resin pieces are also of a beautiful colour profile – dark yellow, fire orange and coca cola brown black pieces.

If you are curious about making your own tinctures and are fascinated about the church note that everyone seems to want to learn about at some stage when exploring frankincense naturals, then I would encourage you to grind this material down into powder in the mortar and work it with Benzyl Benzoate instead of alcohol in your glass jar. Shake the tincture regularly for six to seven months and you will have yourself a first class frankincense tincture, less sticky than if tinctured in alcohol and exuding distinct churchy nuances”.

Lego figure not included! and used here to provide an idea of the average size of the resin pieces.

Botanical Name: Boswellia carterii

Origin: Somalia