Ginger E.O (CHINA)

Adam Michael has this to say “As I type it is the 18th March 2022. Please note we only offer Chinese essential oil of ginger and not Indian like practically every other European online reseller. This is not about trying to be different, its about my own strongly held believes that whilst India does rule the roost for many aromatics, the Chinese have India beaten with ease for ginger essential oils of superior and truer aroma profile. Indian product is always harsher in profile as well I find. And at the end of the day my whole focus is about making sure Hermitage Oils put out excellent quality aromatics across the board, showcasing profiles that smell as similar to the starting plant material. CO2 offerings ultimately rule in the world of ginger aromatics, but if you are in the market for essential oil, sincerely, I strongly vouch for Chinese material.”

The essential oil is produced from the root by steam distillation and is a slightly greenish yellow to deep yellow orange in colour, darkening further with age. Aromatically it is very warm, spicy and reminiscent of cooking ginger in the pan – to my nose, whereas I interpret the ginger co2 extracts (which can vary massively) as being more comparable to the scent of peeling fresh ginger with sweet and caramelised aspects.”

Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale

Origin: China