Ginger E.O (CHINA)

Ginger essential oil like so many of the spices is a native of Asia, growing originally in India and China. It came to Europe via the ‘Spice Route’ in the Middle Ages, and was introduced into South America by the Spaniards. It is now grown commercially in all these places as well as the West Indies and Africa. It has been known since ancient times, and its medicinal and cooking uses overlap to a large degree. The essential oil is produced from the root by steam distillation and is a slightly greenish yellow in color, darkening with age. Aromatically it is warm (even hot) and spicy but different from the scent of the CO2 extract which is more similar to the root albeit sweet and caramelised. Its major constituents are gingerin, gingenol, gingerone and zingiberine.

In traditional Chinese medicine ginger is used in any condition where the body is not coping effectively with moisture, whether the moisture originates within the body or without. Diarrhea and catarrh are examples of inability to deal with moisture of internal origin, while rheumatism and many of our winter ills are aggravated by external damp, and the fiery properties of ginger are used to combat this. Ginger essential oil, in small proportions blends well with many other essential oils, especially sweet orange and other citrus oils. A single drop can be added to a massage blend for arthritis, rheumatism, muscular pain and fatigue.

When used in massage or on an oil burner ginger essential oil is an effective way to treat travel sickness and is especially helpful where there is excess of moisture as in catarrh, influenza and runny colds. Sore throats and tonsillitis can also be eased. Though a warming oil tending to counteract ailments caused by dampness, is also able to reduce feverish conditions by increasing activity of sweat glands subsequently cooling the body down. Ginger essential oil blends very well with cinnamon, clove, elemi, lemon, lime, myrtle and orange.

Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale

Origin: China

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