Grapefruit ITALIAN E.O

23rd May 2024: Grapefruit essential oil – 2024 season – now in stock. This batch is again bright, rich, juicy, fresh, delicious smelling. Italian grown and expressed : ) 

Adam Michael has this to say “Grapefruit as a fruit can be a bit too tart for some, for me, having a drink of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice outside, on my kitchen terrace for breakfast, is one of the many simple pleasures I enjoy about living in Tuscany throughout the summer.

And what we have here is Italian grown and produced grapefruit essential oil. Aromatically, if you know the smell that comes from slicing a grapefruit open, well that smell is beautifully captured and displayed here. The opening really delivers a wonderfully balanced fresh blast of aldehyde zingy, zesty, citrus mouth-watering juicy nuances. Lovely and bright throughout its lifespan, a tad grapefruit candied, super awakening and very uplifting on the senses throughout.

Very good product, in fact I would say in regards to citrus oils production generally, Italy is the true NO1 citrus producer in the world, they cannot be beaten for the citrus e.o they produce. Also to extend the usual 12 month life span of grapefruit essential oil, be sure to keep the screw neck and the inside of the cap wiped clean after use. Fasten the cap and pop the bottle in the fridge. This simple routine will help keep your grapefruit smelling at its most optimum for potentially a few more months.

Botanical Name: Citrus paradisi

Origin: Italy : ) 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 90 Euros. 

This material is produced by a world leader of citrus within Italy. If you reside outside of Italy you have to buy this material via the producers official distributors list, who in turn sell smaller weights onto little businesses like Hermitage and our online competition. As we live in Italy we can buy directly and resell the material in small volumes and weights at unbeatable prices.