Guaiac Wood Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “This is another wood oil hailing from Paraguay, South America. Although steam distilled this is not easy to work with, almost a solid mass within the bottle. Easily fixed if you leave it on a radiator for 20 minutes in which time it will still be of thick consistency but it will be mobile and pourable if you remove the dropper cap from the bottle. The smell initially reminded me of caramelised toffee however by the middle you discover the smoky, burning wood, hay and slightly meaty aroma which remains present throughout. I also detect fleeting notes of benzoin and vanilla clearly throughout as well. In perfumery guaiac wood is great for building smoky accords, camp fire blends and combines well with cedar derivatives, patchouli and sandalwood materials.”

Botanical Name: Bulnesia sarmientoi

Origin: Paraguay

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