Jasmine CO2 (SELECT)

Adam Michael has this to say “Jasmine CO2 is produced by supercritical fluid extraction of the jasmine floral concrete. The outcome is a material I describe as lighter, softer, calmer, smoother, less heady, and a more considered interpretation of the jasmine flowers in their natural state compared with the absolute materials.

The colour is gorgeous Egyptian brick red and is of a pourable viscosity. The aroma is cosy winter morning floral warm, sparkly floral with a delicate crisp apple sweetness. The delicate playful floral nuances are sensational, in fact they are exactly like walking through a garden of jasmine on a cool breezy Summers night. Those floral notes are so alive, gentle, captivating and sensually soothing. The floral richness most associate with the absolute does appear after approximately an hour yet every aspect of this aroma somehow manages to remain balanced, calm and harmonious at all times.

As for uses, this jasmine CO2 like all jasmine materials does not really need much of an introduction nor instructions. “No perfume without jasmine” the old saying goes. Be it a jasmine or floral composition where a good jasmine is the star of the show or be it just merely to round off harsh chemical notes or to impart naturalness to a perfume composition, the limit is just our own imagination. ”

Botanical Name: Jasminum officinalis

Origin: Egypt

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 1840 Euros.