Jonquille Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “Jonquille absolute exudes an infusion of sweet honey and mimosa, entwined with a sticky medicinal hue bubbling within the top notes. Upon development the middle notes become very clear and dominant. For me this is a playful, sassy, smouldering rumba of orange blossom, blackcurrants and tuberose. The base notes are again tuberose themed but possessing a slightly darker side due to trace notes reminiscent of tobacco and hay with a lashing of warm nutty narcissus poeticus goodness. Dark yellow in colour, of a pourable viscosity, of exceptional tenacity and produced from the flowers by solvent extraction.”

Joseph Colbourne has this to say “Jonquille absolute is a rare and marvelous beauty. Opening with mimosa, fresh, dewey spring jonquilles, heady white floral depth, this absolute is dynamic, ethereal, tenacious and rich. The heart is an amalgam of tuberose, orange flower, a tinge of champaca, and it ‘shines’ brightly even two hours in. as it dries down, we discover beeswax, tobacco facets accompanying the aforementioned group of florals. After ten hours on the strip, we get some hazelnut, further tobacco impressions, and predominant tuberose. A floral absolute with surprising tenacity, this could be used even in small amounts to impart a notable lift in precious florals, oriental florals, floral-green creations.

Arctander has this to say  “Jonquil absolute blends excellently well with jasmin, violet leaf absolute, orange flower absolute, longozza, ylang-ylang and other heavy florals, or with powerful green-floral absolutes.”

Botanical Name: Narcissus jonquilla

Origin: France