Adam Michael has this to say “Katrafay essential oil is deeply stimulating, exuding a most exquisite masculine aroma that is a perfume in its own right. Dry, woody, green, earthy, fulsome, warm, clean throughout.  For perfumery uses, an absolute must for male grooming products, for building forest floor accords, the perfect middle material (in my opinion) for pairing sandalwood with cedarwoods, works delightfully with pepper oils, green, black, pink etc, improving the smooth and creamy characteristics effortlessly. Also works very well within citrus colognes, more so those that contain yuzu or cedrat and generally katrafay is a really useful material to have on hand at all times.

The tree grows chiefly in Madagascar and is for me at least, visually stunning as the leaves on the branches are pear shaped and noticeably spaced. The tree which grows to heights of about 6.5 metres also produces a flower and is used in Hasmanga which is a religious ceremony; in fact when these religious ceremonies take place and an animal is sacrificed and cooked it is only the katrafay plant parts that are used to keep the open fire going. Katrafay essential oil is obtained by steam distilling the bark and the colour is gorgeous yellow gold. Picture taken at the Ranunafama National Park, Madagascar.”

Botanical Name: Cedrelopsis grevei

Origin: Madagascar