Labdanum Absolute Honey Sweet

Adam Michael has this to say” Yes, my name is Adam Michael, and I am a Labdanum addict. There, I said it. This is a dreamy otherworldly production, and this means I now find myself offering three, yes three, labdanum absolutes full time.

Briefly to recap, I have the premium absolute, which is classic structured, so bottom heavy and requiring bain-marie to get it into pourable form. That product is good, more of an everyday cost-effective aromatic and honestly you can obtain qualities like that from many other reputable vendors online as that aromatic just comes to us directly from one of the the world’s biggest aromatic producers based on sales revenue.

I then have the Cyprian offering, which is artisan produced, a rarity as I type and now exclusive to Hermitage Oils as I buy every drop he produces. That one is stunning, a base note yes but bright in the top and more of an intensely satisfying aroma profile on the senses with more aromatic gears for sure. Plus, in the labdanum world for those who know, Cyprian material is essentially the Rolls Royce of labdanum aromatics.

And that leads me to this find. First aesthetically this material has a gooey thick consistency reminiscent of melted caramel, but I confirm whilst this will benefit from bain-marie, it is of a pourable viscosity, albeit if you buy in the amber bottles you will have to remove the dropper insert.  Aromatically this material is strong from the start, no waiting around, wham-bam, this is full on rich resinous, Mediterranean scrub effects galore on a boiling hot summers afternoon, warm resinous floral tonalities and lashings of warm sweet honeys, in particular showcasing super concentrated qualities of the dark chestnut honey to my nose. After 30 or so minutes this is like inhaling a 3-to-4-year aged bottle of heavenly cistus essential oil with resinous, wine and fig notes. Even now as I inhale this on the strip, it really is just so damn perfect. Labdanum absolute offerings online, are a dime a dozen, but this material is proper world class, a proper powerhouse with longevity of weeks on the strip and seven to eight hours of good intimate cloud-like projection on my skin. If you like your labdanum absolutes and especially love aged cistus essential oils, this is a compulsory buy.”

Botanical Name: Cistus ladaniferus

Origin: France

Alcohol Soluble: Yes 

Oil Soluble: Yes

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 250G = 135 Euros.