Labdanum Resin Absolute Super Premium CYPRUS

Adam Michael has this to say “Make no mistake, this Super Premium Labdanum Resin Absolute is just that, damn super, rich, smooth and I am in love with this one. I encountered this by pure luck as its artisan material produced from start to finish in Cyprus. The stats are insane when you make direct comparisons between this Super Premium offering and our regular Premium offering. For example this Super Premium provides power 3x greater and 1.5x increased longevity compared with our premium offering.

If you smell the premium material neat, you will clearly see it is a bottom heavy material, little to nothing jumps out in the top, it is just rich and heavy. Likewise this Super Premium Labdanum Resin Absolute is very heady and lively in the top, really zingy, bright, warm, sweet resinous, and woody. Truly addictive and engrossing. Also this material is technically a resin absolute and whilst that can be frowned upon compared with absolute from the concrete, it has a lot of benefits in this instance. The material is zappy throughout, rich and intense and has comparable qualities to smelling a bottle of cistus oil that has had time to age, shape and showcase that fine and beautiful body in all its splendour. Also this material whilst still solid, is more gloopy by comparison and becomes workable much faster via bain-marie than that of the premium offering. Also zero burned notes throughout and always a little more amber sweet and warm throughout.

So to sum up, if you want labdanum featuring more within the top of your composition, then this is for you. Likewise if you want a labdanum that is not the star of the show, you will get better results from the premium offering.

Without question this Labdanum Resin Absolute is a must for creating all-out heavy, pure luxurious, warm resinous and no expense spared compositions, of course it is a must for amber creations and this stuff dances all night long when paired with cypress lusitanica and atlantica, drawing out the best of the zappy green resinous and lush coniferous qualities. It pairs greatly with opoponax e.o, tobaccos and citrus materials, especially cedrat and bergamot FCF and again it complements the heavier masculine powered frankincense materials we carry – Rivae, Super Premium and Green Sacra.  110% worthy of the Super Premium title and although pricey, a little goes a very long way.”

Botanical Name: Cistus ladaniferus

Origin: Cyprus

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 160 Euros. 250G = 360 Euros.