Linden Blossom CO2 ORGANIC

Adam Michael has this to say “After re-reading the product content provided by Mark and exchanging thoughts with Eleonora, we feel that tweaks are needed to provide a more balanced and accurate aroma description for this material. As such we want to provide our shared thoughts. It is the 30th August 2020 as I write.  I am also adding a selection of linden photographs taken by me in Milan’s main park called Parco Sempione.

The aroma of this material is sweet honey floral, very saturating, warm and green. The honey aspects are super charged throughout and I think you could also interpret this as floral dewy. Truly wonderful material that I personally feel can be used in place of Acacia Honey absolutes when that material is called upon in perfumery work. And of course a must for linden blossom creations and this material pairs well with many florals, especially roses and jasmines and those of a somewhat spiced nature. Adds brightness and warmth wherever it is used.

Speaking of how much this material is close to the scent of the living flower, how close it is to the experience of walking in a warm early summer night, with heavenly clouds of linden flowers wafting all around you, we have to say that no, unfortunately this material does not manage to capture that magic. Not this nor any other linden material we have ever encountered. This linden CO2 rather strongly resembles the aroma of the best quality dried flowers of which are used within herbal infusions. This being said, this aromatic material is the closest it gets to the scent of a living linden flower in our opinion.

Perfectly alcohol soluble material, it will not mix in oil.

Mark Evans has this to say “We really are spoiled to have a real, purely natural linden blossom flower extract available for us to use now. This linden blossom CO2 extract is an enchanting delight with an odour profile that is the exact replica of the flowers themselves blooming on summer linden trees. The fragrance is deeply narcotic and floral with incredibly rich facets of warmed beeswax and honey, pollen and tea. But that’s just the initial impression, beautiful as it is. Keep smelling the blotter and there’s notes of tonka bean, violet leaf and chamomile as well as a burning heat, somewhat like chicory. The overall effect is dense and complex, thickly sweet and yet also bitter.

Linden Blossom CO2 would be useful as a top note material as its strength fades pretty quickly to an animalic herbal dry-down. Use it in high class perfumery, herbal and floral bouquets, chypres, fougeres and as a more intense replacement for beeswax or honey absolutes.”

Botanical Name: Tilia cordata

Origin: Bulgaria

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NOP –organic cert. by CERES

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: No

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 150 Euros. 250G = 310 Euros.