Adam Michael has this to say “As I type it is the 22nd November 2019 and I am setting up our Made in Italy category, aimed at showcasing the finest essential oils Italy has to offer. After musing for a few months, I have decided to drop English melissa essential oil from our offering and replace it with Italian grown melissa essential oil. The reason is I live in Italy and within two hours of this Tuscany based producer. The quality is absolutely mind blowing and comes with a far more affordable price point than English grown material.

Melissa essential oil has many equally common names such as lemon balm, bee balm, sweet balm and according to age old reading material this oil is or was referred to as heart’s delight. The aroma is very refreshing with a fresh breeze of soft floral notes entwined with soul calming, soft honey, sweet lemon and herbaceous nuances throughout.

Therapeutically of immense value for treating anxiety, depression, shock, vertigo and generally should be considered as one of the very best oils for symptoms connected to the nervous system. Also has value when dabbed neat on the skin if you get stung by bees and overall melissa is a truly feel good oil that lifts spirits and improves well-being. Photo taken by me in Italy.”

Botanical Name: Melissa officinalis

Origin: Italy (Produced in Tuscany)