Orange Blossom Absolute Signature Gold

Adam Michael has this to say “As I type it is 17/01/21 and a few months ago I was emailing with a client who is very clued up about his aromatics. He explained he liked my regular offering of Orange Blossom Abs from Tunisia, yet he felt it had an off note and as such it was only his second favourite. Now, this off note he refers to is comparable in my view to that of an over ripe tomato, borderline rotting which has a genuine pro and a con in this instance. The con being is you have this debatable off note, the pro being that the materials overall profile has an enhanced fruitiness throughout that is not as present in materials that are of a cleaner and prettier nature, such as this Signature Gold offering. So, purely due to the remark of this client, who in a professional capacity I have the upmost respect for, I now have two offerings of Tunisian Orange Blossom.

The margins between the two offerings are very slight, initially I am wowed by this signature offering, applied to a strip, allowed to breathe and unravel for 30 minutes, well, it is aromatically beautiful, technically perfect, it is more jumpy, feel good bright, a material just on the strip alone of which can genuinely flood a room with its hypnotic and seductive scent for many hours. And a delicateness, a finesse, a power, a never ending breeze of neroli blossoms, gently saturating your senses and imparting a deeply peaceful calm. The pastel orange floral notes, the most perfect amount of honeyed aspects and finished with a mouth-watering juicy through to dewy floral character, this signature offering really is a flawless heart note. Remember though, as with nearly all absolute oils, you must apply this to the strip in order to evaluate properly. I get approximately 5 hours of wear applied to my skin neat (for testing purposes) and whilst this lasts days on the strip, it shows all its aromatic gears within a 10 ish hour period I find, after that you move onto a slow fade.

Uses, works wonders in Oriental and spicy-balsamic creations, more so I feel when they feature materials such as myrrh, amber sweetie and cistus e.o, pairs very well generally with all macrocyclic musks and most commonly available jasmine species and is a must when making mixed media neroli/orange blossom accords through to full on citrus colognes. Should the accord suggestion be of interest, also consider a slight touch of concentrated red mandarin e.o, often overlooked due to cost, yet it injects such an accord with unparalleled mouth- watering juicy fruity effects when compared with regular single fold material.

To sum up
In my view if you seek technical brilliance, if you want pretty through to beautiful, if you want a Master Perfumers material in your aromatics palette, then this is the one you buy. If however you want a Tunisian Orange Blossom that’s a little more edgy, perhaps even a more real representation of the living blossoms (which I know extremely well now as I live in Tuscany after all!), then our other offering of Tunisian Orange Blossom Absolute will be the better fit in my opinion.

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium var. amara

Origin: Tunisia