Orris Resinoid (22% Irones)

Adam Michael has this to say “With a 22% irones content, green violet warmth galore and a heavenly melody of classic orris rooty and floral character, I can say without any doubt this is the finest iris material I have ever experienced to date (12/3/16). The grower and producer of this material sells directly to a handful of what he considers to be Europe’s elite core of perfumers and so far we are the only retailer of this material which I regard as a true honour. I am completely in love with this material and at a 20% dilution and applied to my skin I am inhaling violet leaves, floral sweetness, dry muskiness, cocoa chocolate, woody facets, finishing with faint dry tobacco nuances.

Used in most areas of perfume, especially useful of course for orris/iris and violet themed compositions, very useful within cedrol orientated woody bases, improves and elevates aldehydic and fruity lactone notes and pairs fantastically well with exotic floral absolutes such as pink lotus, boronia and tiare.

Obtained from the rhizomes by multiple solvent extraction for optimal aromatic results, fully ethanol soluble, brownish in colour and of a solid treacle paste consistency.”

Botanical Name: Iris pallida

Origin: Italy